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    Behold The Man

    2012 - 12.10

    This post was written by Beverly’s husband, Ken.

    I recently traveled from New Mexico to Seattle for business and this time I drove versus flying. As always I have some favorite play lists compiled on my iPhone to keep myself entertained. My listening tastes span a wide range of genres from Symphonic Metal (Within Temptation) to County (Trace Atkins, Gretchen Wilson, Terri Clark) to 80’s pop (Prince) to alternative (Beverly Graham). Depending on my mood I’ll start with any one of these, switching play lists as the mood shifts.

    On this particular trip I had difficulty settling on any particular list. I’d start one, quickly tire of it and switch to another. Then I realized why; I needed to listen to Beverly’s full catalog. A couple of taps on the iPhone later and I had what I needed. As I have lived through most of these songs as either a listener or actual participant in the content, each has some special meaning to me.

    Although I do not consider myself a religious person, I have participated in sufficient religious ceremony to understand what is for me, enough. I do however have a significant spiritual connection to most things in my life, even though I keep much of it to myself. If you have ever pondered what it may have been like to in some way experience the crucifixion of Christ, the songs linked at the end of this post will probably be the closest you will ever get.

    “Behold The Man” is a deeply emotional account of this event through the eyes of the song’s author. Normally I can (and do) only listen to this song once or twice a year. That is about all my emotional foundation can take. The entire album is filled with great material but this is the one song I must skip frequently. Find some time, you’ll need about six minutes, where you can listen to these two songs uninterrupted. Dim the lights and use some headphones or quality speakers. “Behold The Man” will take you on a journey that taxes your emotions and seemingly leaves you in a mess and wondering what to do next. But then, “Rise Again” will follow and gently bring you back to a normal, heathy state of mind and all will be well again. But you will have a new, or possibly renewed sense of understanding of what you have just experienced. Enjoy!!

    Click the link below to listen;

    Behold The Man – Rise Again