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    the word

    2010 - 09.26

    In the beginning there was the word, before the word, we did not exist. Words have power… I don’t mean just the speaking or writing of them strung out in sentences, paragraphs, or novels; but the vibration of them as they enter into the energy of the universe. When we give voice to our thoughts, our ideas, our dreams, we can change the world…Ruin it…Save it…

    We are keepers of the flame. Sometimes it is a smoldering ember, sometimes it is a fire blazing, chasing away the darkness, the boogeyman of our minds, until we are surrounded with the grace of possibility; the taste of vowels and consonants, dangling participles, verbs, adverbs, nouns, and pronouns. Why is my voice important? Because inside the words that I hear I am reminded that we are all on this journey together, walking steadily towards our own evolution, and becoming fully anthropos. My voice is important because it is your voice, speaking through me, with the cadence and rhythm of life.