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  • The moon in New Mexico

    2010 - 01.26

    If I could give you the moon, I’d wrap it in ribbons, and sing you a tune, I’d lay it at your feet and wait for your smile…Your smile so sweet…

    The moon in New Mexico on a cold winters night, with 50 million stars so close you can reach out and touch them. The silence is absolute. The stillness broken only by the furtive walk of a Bobcat slinking over the snow. The house echos…The floors are tile, the walls; adobe. The floor is warm. The water is a precious commodity; not to be wasted.The nearest neighbor is a mile away. The driveway is two miles long. The Pedernal is right outside the window. The landscape is stark and stunning. Peace lives here..and for now, so do I. 1/26/10

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