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    2010 - 01.28

    I look into the glass, I see my life line traced, a young girl locked inside, a much older persons face…

    When I was 30 years old I asked my Mom what it felt like to get older older. She told me that sometimes she looked into the mirror and wondered who that “old bag” was looking back at her. I had smooth, almost flawless skin then…That was 25 years ago. My Mom is now 86, I am now 54. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder who that old bag is looking back at me.

    It isn’t easy, is it? One minute we are stumbling on brand new legs trying to figure out how to keep our balance and the next minute we are stumbling on elderly legs, still just trying to keep our balance.

    Balance…That is what is all about. Give and re-give. Energy for energy.

    The world is not in balance. Pachamama, Gaia, is trying to correct that. Either we change, or we will be tossed off. We are not the most important life form on this planet. No matter what we think. We are just a part of the whole.

    But what if time bends? What if we move backwards and forwards at the same time.  What if time is exceedingly patient and is simply waiting for us to come back into balance?

    Isn’t that where God lives? Is that what God is? Balance…

    What if time does wait?

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